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Toddlerhood: The Load and Tote Phase

by Creativewithkids
I have a friend who has worked for years in preschools and early childhood centers. She jokes that toddlerhood is the “Load and Tote” phase of childhood. Just give your toddler something to carry things in and something to carry, and they’re good to go. Load-up! Tote! Dump-out! Repeat! Have group of...
  • Marina Mitchell

    Benefits of toddlers carrying things. >Pick up books and load them into a laundry basket. Push it along the floor. >Carry dolls, blocks or cars in a bag, basket or box. >Let the toddler carry in a grocery bag or your purse. >Have your toddler drag or carry his toy bin out instead of doing it for him. >Be on the look out for an opportunity to have your toddler carry something (anything!) from one place to another.

  • Liberty'sMom

    Toddler Load and Tote Phase - part of the Things to Do with Toddlers series

  • Amber Donnelly

    Body Awareness: Toddler Load and Tote Ideas- part of the Things to do with Toddlers series

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