Shih Tzu ... at the mall in a pet stroller

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Shih Tzu in a bag

shih tzu

Female Shih Tzu puppy 5 months old Asian Fusion teddy bear style, dog groomer in Coquitlam

Shih Tzu ... Love this color tan with brown

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I wuvz my slippers..... But I'd be really super cute without all these clothes!

Shih Tzu ... can't have enough toys if you're a Tzu

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Shih Tzu. Looks like my Lili!

Shih Tzu's are like Potato chips you can't have just one!

SHIH TZU Puppies!

Shih tzu cupcakes

What do I love more than animals? A shih tzu with style

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Halloween Pet Parade: Fluffy Fairy Princess

Shih Tzu Chain Necklace

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