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tattoo mom and son by lockedillusionz, via Flickr

oh my gosh.... I think I want a baby now so my husband can take this picture with our kiddo. in love with this picture.

Cute idea for @Meghan Gesswein's three boys. Maybe a little less "Come On, Eileen," though.

The color is black with peace inscribed on the front

How precious... It is so sad that some people spend so much time wishing and hoping (and doing everything possible to ensure) for a baby of a certain sex. You know you are ready and mature enough for a baby when the sex is irrelevant and you are in love with the idea of having a child, any child, and not of a specific gender. The poor child of the mother who doesn't get what she "hoped" for.

family pose Love how the mom is looking back at her kids to make sure they are fine

This has to be one of my favorite pins. One of my greatest joys in life is being a Mom. I think God made us round and soft so babies and kids could lie on us, or snuggle with us and have a soft pillow wrapped in human skin.

Loving the natural interaction in these amazing photos! Great inspiration

if someone would like to do a session like this with my girls and I in a few years I won't complain.

Cute mommy-son photo. I wanna dress my boy in chucks and studded belts.