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Azurite is a blue copper mineral with the chemical formula It forms monoclinic crystals. Azurite weathers into malachite. Azurite is used as a pigment, in jewelry, and as a decorative stone. This stone is called "Velvet Beauty" from Bisbee, Arizona.

Pedras precisas roxas/lilás e jóias Mais

Pedras precisas roxas/lilás e jóias

polished opalised wood specimen from the Yowah Opal Field , Queensland , Australia.walk the fields with me on Sunday, the land smells with sweet lilacs.


Azurite with Malachite. Looks like midnight sky with stars. I love azurite! It makes me miss the mines in Utah.


Agate's most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

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Geode / Mineral Friends Geodes are created when gasses become trapped in the layers of rock - usually volcanic rocks. Crystalline structures form on the inside, surrounded by harder minerals - for example amethyst surrounded by agate.

Ocho Agate (feather) / Brazil pinned with #Bazaart - www.bazaart.me

Beautiful Ocho Agate: grounding stone that enhances mental functions and promotes intellectual, emotional, and physical balance

Nature is sooooo beautiful

Agate slices - nature is amazing. Agate is such a diverse stone, it comes in so many different color and amazing banding patterns. A true natural beauty

Introducing New Worlds With A Shrug: October 2013

zenalien: “ mineralists: “ Drusy Thunderegg ” holy wow :o ”

Lightning Ridge Opal

Lightning Ridge Opal Specimen by Wood's Stoneworks and Photo Factory. I do love these things:)

Ancient amber with a baby snake

pearl-nautilus:Ancient Amber - baby snake - 50 million years old / Mineral Friends

mineralogy-porn:    Azurite

Can't decide if I should pin this on my gem board or on my favorite color blue board.

Azurite, Azurite is known for over the XXVII century BC. AD: There are traces of…

Azurite No crystal embodies the pure Blue Ray quite like Azurite. The rich vibrancy of its dark-blue energy resonates to the exact frequency of the Third-Eye Chakra