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Funny College Ecard: This is either going to be a great success, or we're going to have a great story to basically we're on the verge of greatness. #greatness #quotes #greatstory


The Only Trick You Need To Learn In Life


We know getting older can be difficult, but you have to remember to have fun no matter how bad the situation has become. #Mario wouldn’t give up and neither will we! Keep your head up and don’t forget to boost your stats! #positivevibes #gamerlife #Xp #nextlevel #justkeepswimming #gf #gfmag #geekfantasy #geekfantasymag

blinded by ovens, walking into air conditioned areas, out of heated areas, etc. But I still prefer glasses to contacts.

Hmmmm. I like his style. However technically a person has slim chances of survival if hope is not present, so "all you need is water and rations" isn't entirely correct.

I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is gonna be so pissed. | Somewhat Topical Ecard