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Montreal landmark Habitat 67 wins Lego contest, won't be a Lego kit Read it on Global News: Global Montreal

I saw this when I went to Expo 67 in Montreal, in 1967.

So many great things to see in Montreal; and Habitat was/is such a sustainable trend leader.

brutalismus berlin - Google-Suche

brutalismus berlin - Google-Suche

The St.Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals (Netherlands) is a Benedectin Abbey which was built starting in 1922 as a simple quadrilater with two towers marking the corners and left unfinished for several years. In 1968 the main church, a crypt and an atrium were added following a project by Dutch...

The St.Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals by Hans Van der Laan

Saint Benedict Abbey is a Benedictine monastery established in Vaals, Netherlands, where their most famous buildings are designed by Dutch monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan.

(arquitectures) : Foto

So inspired by this photographer with a brilliant, acute, and gifted eye. is an artist and humanitarian whose work I admire so much. Photograph : "women stand in an ancient step well in ".

sloppenwijken rio

sloppenwijken rio

WIELS, Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst

'The Blomme Building', Brewery Wielemans-Ceuppens 1931 in Brussels, modernist industrial building by architect Adrien Blomme

Phenomenon 85+ Amazing Brutalist Architecture That Can Fascinate You http://decorathing.com/architecture/85-amazing-brutalist-architecture-that-can-fascinate-you/

85+ Amazing Brutalist Architecture That Can Fascinate You

Pop Up Storefront Los Angeles showcased some great photos from Frederic Chaubin, the Cambodian born French-Spanish editor of Citizen K magazine. The show, entitled "CCCP: Cosmic Communist Construct.

UNESCO World Heritage Site.                                           Josef Hoffmann - Palais Stoclet.  BELGIUM

Josef Hoffmann ~ Stoclet Palace Internally, the house is INTACT. The heirs have never settled on a division of goods and so it remains in litigation.

La Villa Savoye de Le Corbusier (1928-1931), Poissy - classée en 1965 (premier classement du vivant d'un architecte)

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. Famed for promoting the architectural promenade, Villa Savoye has become an icon in the architecture community.

In beeld: zo wordt erfgoed met passie opnieuw tot leven gewekt

In beeld: zo wordt erfgoed met passie opnieuw tot leven gewekt