Great ideas to surprise kids that don't involve money. These are the kinds of things they truly remember!

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Birthday Traditions your Children will never forget! Birthday morning surprise for kids the morning of their Birthday

How to manage a high-energy kid (helpful if you're cooped up inside all day):

30 things my kids should know about me - WOW, I'm getting kind of emotional thinking about how this could have helped me if my own mother had done something like this. This will take some time, but it's on my list of to do's this month!

Do your kids use a million cups a day?! Magnets on the back, put on the fridge! So smart

Best kid fort ideas - make magical memories with amazing forts, plus a flashlight reading fort party. So easy and special. #momsmakemoney #nextjobathome #crafts #familytime #holidayideas

Best thing I've found on Pinterest to date.

Tired of your kids being rude and disrespectful? Yelling and punishment do not teach your kids to be respectful. Here are 7 positive ways to respond!

BORED quote, I love this! To which I would add, "if none of this sparks ideas, I have chores to offer!

100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom

7 Ways to get closer to your kids and be a more efficient mom. So cute. These ideas are so awesome!

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Here Are 33 Cheap But Brilliant Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Busy. Read more at

A great list of things to do with the kids this summer!

40 Ways to Show Your Child Love

20 easy ways to show kids how much you love them. These are really great ideas!

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer

I'm surprised how many of these my daughter and I have done over the years.

101 Things to do with your toddler