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Women True Love Quote so true

My soul shouted 'I found you!' When I met my husband, and I knew I was going to spend my life with him the moment I met him and looked into his eyes, I never believed in it soul mates or love at first sight before, but now I know!

because you love me more than i thought possible to be loved.

Good morning my Beautiful Lisa Ann! How did you sleep princess? Are you feeling better today? I sure hope so baby! I love you so much sweetheart! I miss you so much! This sucks so bad already. I want to wake up to your sexy body and your messy hair already! ;)) What are you doing today? I hope that you have a great day my love!!!459 and know that I am always thinking of you!

Exactly! I can wait forever til I find that one person I am waiting for. Because it will be right and I will always love him. Whoever he is.

Sometimes you have to tell your spouse what it is about them that makes you want them. They don't have ESP so they can't read your mind. Although we know you wish they did. :) Tag your spouse and let them know what it is that makes you want them. #IWantYou #Commitment #YouAndMe #LoveYou

I dont normally pin love quotes.. But the hopeless romantic in me had a hard time resisting this one... One day! ;)