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  • Keriah Garcia

    How to Make Oil Lamp Fuel -mix 1 tsp. distilled water into 16 oz. bottle of isopropyl alcohol & 1/2 tsp essential oil(optional) Shake. Label bottle- fuel is ready to use. You can also use straight olive oil, coconut oil or mineral oil.

  • Cynthia Ernest

    How to Burn Olive Oil in an Oil Lamp thumbnail

  • Heather Jaeger

    Organic oils for Oil lamps which were the predecessors of electric lights.

  • Chris Perry

    Oil lamp fuel is made from isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Essential oil may be added to give the lamp oil a pleasant aroma. The isopropyl alcohol is available in most stores that carry rubbing alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol has an alcohol content of 91 or 99 percent. Rubbing alcohol does not work well to make oil lamp fuel. Mark the...

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