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Surma Woman, Ethiopia, 2009. photographed by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Oiran-Tayu is the top courtesan in kyoto( Shimabara )

india - orissa

himba mother and child, namibia.

Picture of newlywed Faroese couple wearing the national costume. Photographer: Tróndur Dalsgarđ You can read more about the beautiful islands at www.visitfaroeisl...

Kostenki man mt DNA U2. Mitochondral Eve existed 156,000 to 169,000 years ago and we all descend from her. Then about 59,000 to 69,000 years ago some of our ancestors that possessed a mutation identified as L3 migrated out of Africa by traveling up the Nile river basin into Egypt and across the Sinai Peninsula and on through the middle east where they coexisted with Neanderthals for a time. A 60,000 year old Neanderthal skeleton was found in Israel's Kebara Cave (Mount Carmel).

A Gypsy girl poses in traditional clothing and jewelry. Autochrome photo-1910-20s

Maori man, New Zealand

Aboriginal man using newly installed phone for the first time

Drokpas live in three small villages in a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. The only fertile valley of Ladakh. : BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY



Marie Antoinette's Death Mask. This is Antoinettes face after she was beheaded and was cast my Madame Tussaud . It can be seen at the Madame Tussauds in London along with Louis XVI (the king) and Robespierre.

Aboriginal man, Australia

Samurai, Prince Okundaira, by Beato, 1870s

Ethiopia - Omo Valley | John Kenny #world_cultures

Karrayyu tribe woman - Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr #world #cultures

Old Himba woman. Namibia

Kuikuro man, Brazil

Ethiopia - Afar Tribe

Man from Lebanon

algerian jewish woman 1890

Khampa nomad, Sichuan, China