'Grain Brain' diet claims carbs are destroying our brains Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter says processed carbs and even whole grains are sl...

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GRAIN BRAIN and carbs Dr. Perlmutter

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers by David Perlmutter

Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of "Grain Brain," says a grain-free, low-carb diet can prevent Alzheimer's and obesity.

Dr Oz spoke with Dr David Perlmutter, the man behind the book Grain Brain, who said he has discovered that carbohydrates do serious damage to our brains.

Grain Brain: Dr Perlmutter on the scope of gluten sensitivity and brain health.

GRAIN BRAIN David Perlmutter MD: The Modern American Diet Is Killing Our Brains... ••• Dr. Perlmutter's book GRAIN BRAIN takes us on a detailed tour of the destructive effects that 'healthy whole grains' have on our brains. Modern wheat, in particular, is responsible for destroying more brains in this country than all the strokes, car accidents, and head trauma combined...

Great Interview...Grain Brain with Dr. David Perlmutter

"Grain Brain" author Dr. David Perlmutter says a low-carb ketogenic diet prevents Alzheimer's disease.

How Does The Brain Retain Information?

Dr. David Perlmutter on why he wrote "Grain Brain"

Grain Brain with Dr. David Perlmutter (Podcast #230)

Optimal Diet for Brain Health | David Perlmutter M.D.

Brain Foods Pictures Slideshow: What to Eat for Better Concentration

5 Keys to Eating for Better Brain Health - Dr. David Perlmutter MD

Don't miss this delicious salmon recipe from The Grain Brain Cookbook | David Perlmutter M.D.

Is Your Child’s Brain Starving?

Low-Dose Aspirin May Benefit the Brain -Inflammation is increasingly implicated as a contributing factor to heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s, so it would make sense that an inflammation-fighter like aspirin may have benefits for the brain. In addition, aspirin thins the blood, which may help to prevent clots in blood vessels throughout the body, including the brain.