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Every time my fiancé & I end up waiting in line for something... We end up looking like this couple in the picture! ☺


Such a sweet, comforting feeling to be in a mans arms and feel so safe. It's rare to find the real thing, as many times it's an illusion we create in our minds.


Honestly this touch is to important. It's the little things, a slight arm touch, I little "I love you." So perfect.


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Couple's Boudoir. Kylie Martin Photography, Fine Art Film Photographer Erich McVey Workshop

(Photo idea) "When he spoke to me he didn't even look me in the eyes yet he made my heart flutter faster than the wings of a hummingbird, seeking in desperation the sweetest nectars of his love."

We stand together. Never apart. Support each others steps. So that we may never stumble. #love #couple #photography #cute #black and white


Moments like this would never happen again... but Olivia didn't know how to tell him.