Totally going to make this in the backyard for Zack

Play Garden

Outdoor play area for trucks and things!

Sweet outdoor track for toy cars!

Kiddies Rockbox

backyard splash pad! No up keep. Small footprint. Cheaper than a pool. Safer than a pool. In the winter put a fire pit and chairs on it - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

Learning for Life: Outdoor Play Link-up - It's all about the right clothes

Modern sandbox and chalk wall, I have my area already but someone else might like this!

outdoor play area - small world play/imaginative play out of doors

Pvc painted and mounted to 4x4 post. pouring pebbles or sand down it makes fun sounds

Love the rainbow stumps for kids backyard/playground!

If I ever have a backyard with a hill...

outdoor play space

Water Fun

And Next Comes L: DIY Outdoor Roads - great fun with cars outside!

Outdoor play space

Fun tip for making your backyard more fun: Bury lengths of PVC pipe (ours are 3-inch-diameter) for truck tunnels.