Yes that is a hand-carved egg shell.

Egg Carving Is An Unique Way To Decorate Eggs

Hand Carved Easter Egg

Egg carving

egg_shells_carved IMPRESIONANTE

KhorassanRhea Egg Layout & first waxing by So Jeo

Artist Piotr Bockenheim's Intricately Carved Goose Egg Shells

Eggshell carving - this would be cool...I may need to get myself a mini dremel tool...

How to carve eggshells

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۞ eggshell carving

How to Carve Egg Shells |

Egg Shell Art

Carved Egg Star

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Blue Easter eggs

Egg carving

egg shell carving

Eggshell carving. Awesome!

Laser-Cut Leather Tapestry

DIY Glitter Eggs