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Extremists destroyed their instruments, and these filmmakers captured the story. Super Onze and the tragedy of Timbuktu.

Africa | Four Fante Asafo flags from Ghana | Cotton appliqué || Sotheby's; Alistair McAlpine Textiles, Part II. Lot 179, 5, 26 and 27

Terakaft: New Album Tour

How it is done - Burkina Faso workshop Design Network Africa for Graphic Africa | News | Disegno Daily

Afrika - Adinkra Symbols - African Symbols - Painted on cloth, walls, and pottery - Asante tribe, West Africa, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Togo.

Moroccan style living room. Tribal chic!


house made of bottles nigeria

The author of Squirting Milk at Chameleons has found a slice of paradise in a beach village where reggae rules, mangoes drip from the trees and the sense of community is strong

Africa | Dolls from the Ambo people of Namibia or Angola | Cylindrical body covered with multiple beaded necklaces of different shapes and colors, leather, fabric, natural fiber

Ancient Ghana, or the Old Ghana Empire, has nothing to do with modern Ghana at all — it’s not even in the same place, being some 400 miles to the north and west of modern Ghana, and consisting of, very roughly, what are now Northern Senegal, Southern Mauritania and a bit of Southwestern Mali. In …

Africa | Interior Hanging (arkilla kereka) from the Fulani people of Niger | ca. 1st half 20th century | Textiles, Wollen | These types of cloths are tent-dividers and marriage-bed hangings.

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Tiébélé is a village inhabited by the royal court, the nobility, the chief of the Kassena people.

Africa | Mask "apanwa" from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Wood; slightly encrusted blackish brown patina, kaolin

Africa | A ceremonial hat from the Lega people of DR Congo | Fiber, glass beads, buttons and shells

This is the Libyan oasis city of Ghadames known as the Pearl of the Desert, because of its bright white lime washed walls. The entire city is a labyrinth of enclosed lime washed streets. More pictures and video at www.naturalhomes....

sacred grove between Agona Swedru and Winneba - Ghana c 1900

Fitzwilliam Museum Collections Explorer - Object E.GA.4359.1943 (Id:125493)

Royal Girdle-Bushong

Africa | Helmet Mask. Bamum, Cameroon | ca. early 1900s | Wood.

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