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A Crinkle Crankle Wall in Bramfield, Suffolk. The crinkle crankle wall economizes on bricks, despite its sinuous configuration, because it can be made just one brick thin. If a wall this thin were to be made in a straight line, without buttresses, it would easily topple over. The alternate convex & concave curves in the wall provide stability & help it to resist lateral forces. The term is thought to come from Old English meaning zig-zag. Suffolk has twice as many as in the rest of the…

All stone Hobbit House in the Cotswolds - incredible, abandoned ("so the artist stopped and moved to Scotland." Sounds like a plan.)

Clifden Castle (ruins), Clifden, co. Galway, Rep. of Ireland. Built around 1750 by John d'Arcy. Incredible ruins inside, and beautiful. Lovely little hike to it with horses that are very inquisitive :o)

The Greyfriars' House in Canterbury, England. This house of the Franciscans, who came to the town in 1220, stands on a branch of the Stour near Stour Street.

Chillon Castle, Switzerland. Famously, during a house party here, Frankenstein was written. The party included Percy and Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. Byron carved his signature onto a dungeon wall.

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Upper Slaughter

Mountain Manor ✽>- ...Manor House - Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds