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Your loved ones in the after-life are constantly showing you that they are around you and that they love you by leaving signs - feathers, coins, birds, music or other symbols that get your attention. Allow these signs to guide & heal you.

from Amanda Linette Meder

10 Most Common Signs from your Deceased Loved Ones

∆ Abilities...Wondering if you've been contacted with a sign from Spirit? Have a deceased loved one you'd like to connect with? These are the 10 most common ways they visit us ~ chances are, you've already experienced at least one!

Ways You Get Messages From Your Spiritual Team: Gut feeling Shivers down your back See a flash of an image in your mind Hear a positive voice with a brief message Smell something An Earth Angel (another person) delivers the information to you directly You find yourself giving advice to someone else and realize that is exactly the advice you needed to hear yourself Déjà vu all over again A series of unmistakable repeating symbols or signs like number sequences