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Bookcase door to secret room

Secret door + library + turquoise = ♥♥♥

Secret door to hidden room! Teal blue walls and arched secret door opens to hidden room. Faux bookcase opens to secret room.

secret door. I want this in my next house!!

Hidden rooms with awesome doors. Hidden rooms with awesome doors. Hidden rooms with awesome doors.

Staircase and bookcase #Library #Books #shelf.

20 Unusual Books Storage Ideas For Book Lovers

Staircase/Ladder/Bookcase - So very smart-looking and optimizing space, too! Over the basement stair

This is what I call happiness

Reading nook with an ocean view.I love areas that are there own space though only thing i would change is possibly using a lighter grain of wood, oak for the window but otherwise so into it.

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i need the sleepover room and the hanging loft hammock and the swing set table

And I must have a window seat and built in bookshelves

Bookshelf Porn

reading corner nook with window seat and built in bookcase : Decorating Your Reading Corner. decorating a reading corner,decorating ideas reading corner,home reading corners,reading corner decor,reading room decorating ideas

bookstore archway, Lyon, France.

o arco da Livraria “Le Bal des Ardents”. the entrance arch of “Le Bal des Ardents” bookstore.

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