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Darkness Reigns


Deranged Duckling

Damn the Torpedoes

Born to be Wild Daylily

TANGO LESSONS (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (Sdlg. x Carol Todd x Orange City) 26" M Re. Sev. 5" (Sdlg.#6-19) Tango Lessons is too much on the Se...

'Bluebird Butterfly'(Stamile 07)

'Rex's Basso Profundo'(Holley 07)

'Tiger By The Tail'(Herr 09)

Picasso's Intrigue Daylily 2014 Introduction

SCOTT PERRY (Dan Trimmer) Tetraploid (China Clipper X Precious Stones) 32" EE Re Ev. 6 3/4" This very large red purple cultivar can be a ver...

Deep Dark Duck (D. Eller 2013) (Ducks Dark Side X Dakar)5.75 Bloom, 36 Scape, Early, Semi-Evergreen, Rebloomer, 4 Way Branching, 25 Buds, ...

'Michael's Sword' - the first consistent 3-way full-bearded daylily introduced

RIP SAW (Dan Hansen 2012)

Bonibrae Sharky

Westbourne Black Angus, a 2014 introduction  by M.J.Meadows. Near black self with big triangle vivid green throat and also bloches on the sepals. Ht. 28" /6" Bloom / 4 way Branching / 20-22 buds / MLa. / Sev. /  Tet. / Fertile both ways.

TET (Halloween Kisses x Ima Bigtimer) Sev. EM Re. 6" flowers, 29" scapes, 3 way branching with 26 buds. BURNING FOR YOU has a glowing red o...

FOUR EYES (Ludlow Lambertson 2012) TET 5.75" Sev E Re 28" (Paradise Pattern X Seedling) FOUR EYES is a multi-dimensional patterned daylily....

Cinnamon Faces (Sattelmeier 2014) Seedling 25-555F: Fringed Sangria (Petit, 2008) x Tusk (Trimmer-J., 2008) Height 32in (81cm), bloom 7+in ...

'Larry's Obsession'

ORANGE SPICE (Trimmer 2013) SF

gorgeous and huge: 'Tet. Sunglasses Needed'

'Fabulous Black Pearl' Daylily