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"My son's doctor told me about this 37 years ago. Use Vicks Vapor Rub and socks. Even the worst cough can be stopped within 5-15 minutes, and lasts hours. Just apply the vapor rub generously to the bottom of your (or child's) feet, and cover with socks. works 100% of the time, and has been proven to work better than prescription drugs!"

from One Ordinary Day

Best mosquito bite remedy ever

mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite

from Blogging Mom of 4

Mini Pancakes using Muffin Tins

Pancake Bites - great idea for a road trip breakfast! | I need to try this sometime!

from Pulling Curls

Soap for Restless Leg: The easy remedy you can try today!

Use Ivory Soap to help with restless legs at night! #pullingcurls


This Incredible Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear

clothespin ear reflexology chart

from Gimme Delicious

Healthy Baked Broccoli Tots

Healthy Baked Broccoli Tots are the perfect low-fat snack for you and your kids. This also makes a great appetizer during your summer BBQ's.

DIY Soothing Vapors- A simple trick for helping children (or even adults) sleep better when fighting congestion from a head cold. 1 Tablespoon vapor rub + 1 Tablespoon water.

from Woman's Day

Home Remedies That Work

8 Home Remedies That Actually Work: Duct Tape to Remove Warts Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus Oatmeal to Soothe Eczema Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath A Spoonful of Sugar to Cure Hiccups Bite a Pencil to Cure a Headache Olives for Motion Sickness Gargle Salt Water for a Sore Throat