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    A gold fish pendant. Egyptian Middle Kingdom c. 2030-1650 B.C. (Photo: courtesy of National Museums Scotland)

    Agate half-barrel set in a silver swivel ring | Greek | Late Classical | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Pair of gold and rock crystal disks, set with garnet and glass inlays | Etruscan | Late Archaic | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Scorpion. Signet ring of Horemheb, the last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. Louvre Museum, Paris

    The Juliana Bracelet from the Hoxne hoard Roman Britain, buried in the 5th century AD Found in Hoxne, Suffolk (1992)

    White Matte Large Oval Rock Crystal Beads and 3 Chavin Gold Necklace. South Coast, Peru. 1000-500 BC

    Gold Necklace Made in the Levant 1650-1050 BC Found in a tomb at Episkopi-Bamboula, Cyprus Late Cypriot(?)

    Necklace with a Pendant. Greek, Late 4th or 3rd century B.C. Gold and garnet.

    African recycled glass beads, labradorite, artisan bronze, Roman glass

    Lapis Lazuli ~ Egyptian jewel


    Scythian gold ring II century.Hermitage.

    Earring SARMATIAN 1st century CE. Sokolova Mohyla tumulus near the village of Kovalivka, Mykolaiv Region. Excavations 1974.

    Yemen beads

    (B) 31 Ancient Neolithic Amazonite and Serpentine Beads ~ Berber Mauritania Morocco ~ from Balthazara on Ebay

    Ornate Ancient Egyptian Collar

    Persia ~ Ancient Blue Lace Agate Beads

    Necklace of gold and lapis lazuli; three strings of beads; 16 gold pendants, 8 leaf-shaped pendants, 5 bud-shaped pendants overlaid with gold, 3 pendants overlaid with gold with two human-headed bulls each, back to back; 15 cylindrical beads overlaid with gold, 172 cylindrical lapis lazuli beads, carved, perforated and polished. Culture/periodEarly Dynastic III term details Date2600BC-2350BC - Asia,Iraq,South Iraq,Royal Cemetery (Ur)

    Lady Layard’s jewelry. From Nimrud,Mesopotamia Assyrian culture

    Persian Gold & Turquoise Ring, 13th century

    Necklace Mexico, Chiapas, Maya (?), A.D. 200-900 - Green jadeite

    Afghanistan | Silver bird cage ring | ca. mid 1900s

    Peru, circa 400 - 1100 A.D.

    Miao silver earrings

    early 1900s dress Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8877