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Solitary witch | Its a Pagan Thing..

Solitary witch | Its a Pagan Thing..


I've practiced cord cutting and will be incorporating this as I do so.This is Best done as part of a Aura cleansing and meditation.

Home Blessing: Smoke of Air and Fire or Earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here.

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☽✪☾ None in Feb

☽✪☾ None in Feb

5 minutes or less rituals. Simple but effective ways of empowering yourself positively & remembering to be thankful too

5 Rituals in 5 Minutes-love this. So many new to the Path think every ritual just take hours and candle and altars and whatnot. EDIT: Do not smudge if you are not Native American and certified.

Little Owl's Nest

☆ Witches Brew Tea Recipes ☆ Tea recipes for divination, psychic abilities, headaches, psychic healing, dreams and dreaming & more.

Quick Reference for Lunar Phases! Get connected with Mother Moon ♥️

Quick Reference for Lunar Phases! Get connected with Mother Moon ♥

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A witch child's prayer

A Witch Child's Bedtime Prayer ~~~ Love this. If I ever do have any children, I'd like to teach them to say something like this every night. It's so much nicer and more comforting than the "Now I lay me down to sleep" one I was taught to say every night.