140th Anniversary Heineken design concept. One of the top three finalists! (My personal favorite)

140th Anniversary Heineken

These are the top three design concepts for the Anniversary Heineken® bottle. Rodolfo Kusulas of Monterrey, Mexico and Lee Dunford of Sydney, Australia designed each half of the winning bottle: Continents forming the Heineken® star.

The small text guiding your eye straight to the big highlighted with a flower design Sero gets lost when you scroll right over.  I would just get rid of that type since the flower already emphasizes the product so much.

Beautiful beverage packaging designs — Touchey Design Magazine - Ideas and Inspiration (Swell Bottle Cleanses)

MOUNT FRANKLIN AKIRA | A limited edition Bird Garden Design by Akira Isogawa. Taking Mount Franklin’s premium positioning to new heights through a limited edition champagne water bottle. |  Creative Platform

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling is a limited edition Bird Garden Design by Akira Isogawa. Mount Franklin is Australia's favourite spring water. *Decorate a blank bottle like this using pretty paper & decoupage.


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Aqua Carpatica packaging presented here, is a concept design created for a international contest “The Perfect Shape for The Perfect Water” held by Carpathian Spring and Cohn&Jansen in

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Harvey Milk Wine "I have tasted freedom. I have a lot more to drink." - Harvey Milk Designed by Emily Hale, a student at Pratt Institute.

Evian x Diane Von Furstenberg. I also have Evian glass bottles designed by Christian LaCroix and John Paul Gaultier. Sexy water, indeed.

Evian Edicion limitada por Diane Von Furstenberg - "agua es vida es amor es vida es agua" Limited edition by Diane Von Furstenberg: "water is life is love is life is water"

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Maison Chatou (Student Project)

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