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Josh Turner - who cares what he looks like this man's voice is responsible for many babies and female orgasms. Some while driving and listening to the radio. But I'm not necessarily admitting to anything here.

Josh Turner. if he wasn't already married. i'd marry him. if only so i could hear him sing errryday. i love a deep obsession for men with deep singing voices. it melts my freaking heart.

Josh Turner, who can resist that raspy, sexy voice and that smile, who?????

Josh Turner! The best country singer ever. and he's a Christian.

Josh Turner...with that voice and those looks, he could sing the phone book to me and I'd swoon.

Josh Turner....i love love love him! His voice is amazing :)

Tim McGraw ♥ when this world gets crazy, & tries to break me, & i've had all i can stand, i can close my eyes no matter where i am and JUST BE STILL :)

It was long ago. It seems like yesterday. I saw you standing in the rain, Then I heard you say, "I want to love, but it comes out wrong. I want to live, but I don't belong." I close my eyes and I see Blood and roses.

HOW was Joshua Bowman with Amy Winehouse [RIP] and Miley Cyrus [ugh she's so gross but gets all the hot ones] -- #Revenge