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    • Ari Anna (Anía) #Astoria

      "What do I need to do?" There was a weezy laughter from through the mask. "All you need is a gas mask, and you will fit right in."

    • Misaki 「インサニティ」 Grey

      scary me art creepy weird trees or fine portrait field view forest bokeh this mist photos everyone photoshop mask concept leaves conceptual from fog depth gas BURIED Member between

    • Daughter of Athena

      Cold fingers lifted up my chin. The thing, I didn't know if it was a person, wore what looked like a gas mask with a black hooded jacket. I didn't know who they were, all I knew was I had woken up in the woods with my clothes missing.

    • xX_AReason2Smile_Xx #CutCakeNotWrists 😷🔫

      ((OPEN RP, I'm the girl in the mask. Post apocalyptic)) "Hello pretty" my voice was muffled by the mask I always wore, keeping radiation out and my identity secret "You're sick". His eyes were red and he was sickly thin, he nods. He was kneeling down in front of me. "Can you walk? Do you want to live? Have they seen you?" I ask quickly. He gives me a look of utter confusion and I grunt, looking around. "Follow me" (By Ebony Fire)

    • Michelle McCance

      Nature Boy - Hugo Braham - Cover by Hugo Braham on SoundCloud

    • Karis Weightman

      That dude looks hot idc #gasmask #creepy #forest

    • Umbrielle Fault

      Character inspiration

    • Destiny Rose

      hipster photography

    • Tim Rush

      #boy #art #forest

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    Sometimes, it is not the world that hurts us the most but the demons inside. And when the world goes silent and leaves us alone, we can no longer hide. When our own minds turn against us, where can we turn? Our sanity is lost.

    “I want to live in the craters of his dark side my body fitting in the curvature of his wound” — Amy Black and Roger H. Brightley

    Her hair was so dark it blended into the blackness. Her skin was fair and smooth, begging to be touched. Her lips were red against her complexion. She was intriguing and alluring like something from a dream. I had seen her before but where? I had to see her eyes. Then I would know. They were covered by her wild hair. It almost seemed like she didn't want me to see them. Probably because she knew they would give her away. Why did she want to remain a mystery?


    Carol had anxiety about her pimples and skin problems, until her doctor suggested this zebra mask! Now Carol doesn't feel self-conscious about her skin, and loves how much safer she feels walking around at night.

    Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | Macabre | 不気味 | Mystérieux | Strano |

    Dogon dancer shaking a musical calabas, in Tirelli, Mopti, Mali ~ by Raphael Bick

    robert moses joyce. I know the moth is not really the point of this picture, but what kind of moth *is* it?


    Antlers Follow- - For the BEST collection of art humans in spirit animal form.

    Venetian mask

    gas masks

    Abandoned city of Keelung, Taiwan | The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World #wanderlust #travel #adventure #escape #explore #bliss #nature k▲itvictori▲

    "You should really get down now. Before you, ya know, fall to your death."

    Marionette with mask.

    black lace mask

    The masks of Vincent Cantillon (Denver, Colorado)