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    flat extension cord for under rugs

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    • Taila Fisher

      named the "postline" the idea behind this is that it would stick to the ground so as not to trip, and when finished you could wipe it clean of any ickys and roll it back up.

    • Katia Funes

      Flat extension cord for under your rugs (Middle TN REALTOR) (Skinny Wraps by Devon) 615-856-SOLD

    • Sarah Lundberg

      Flat extension cord -- great for under rugs. Also, it's strangely pretty, which I never thought I'd say about an extension cord.

    • Miranda Chris Schulenberg

      Yes! A FLAT Extension Cord! No more tripping, no more falling, and no more accidently unplugging my computer and losing all my work!

    • Samantha xoxo

      Yes! A FLAT Extension Cord! No more tripping, no more falling, and no more accidently unplugging my computer!

    • Jon Pettigrew

      Inventions That Will Solve Life's Annoying Little Problems 33 -

    • Alisha Jenkins

      flat extension cord for under rugs -Def gonna want these for the new house. I hate having ugly extension cords everywhere.

    • Espressowhip

      flat extension cord ---whaaaat?! So many ways this could be used! Should I hold out for wireless outlets? lol

    • Abby We

      No tripping over extension cords now! New flat extension cords can be used under rugs, for floating floor lamps or along baseboards.

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