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ha ha ha- there will ALWAYS be cocktails!!!

Will cocktails be served at your daughter's princess party or shall I tailgate in your driveway? That's about what it would take for me to attend a princess party.


Summer has snuck up once again on me and my giant ass. (But seriously tho) Oh this is so true.

Funny Friendship Ecard: The residue of last night's 'smoky eye' is this morning's 'hooker murdered in a back alley' eye.

the residue of last night's "smokey eye" is this morning's "hooker murdered in a back alley" eye. OMG thins made me laugh out loud, because it really happens to me.

I don't typically pin anything containing a curse word, but honestly this was too funny not to share.

Free and Funny News Ecard: I just met a Girl Scout with a credit card reader on her phone. Shit just got real.

I can clean and cook if you give me incentive, just let me go to target first and grab some cleaners ;)

Funny Confession Ecard: I can't cook & hate to clean, but I'm certain my expertise in sarcasm & raiding the Target clearance section makes me a rare gem. This is me.

Vodka... Goes anywhere ! Lol

The good thing about water is that you can have it in your workplace. Now, what's special about VODKA is that it looks like water.I don't drink but this is funny

Winos rejoice! There's a recommendation engine for wine.

Millennials Are Drinking So Much Wine They're Changing How It's Sold

I Love To Fart T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops

I Love To Fart T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top

Pat McCrotch T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops (fun for a doggy's T-shirt too!

Instead of milk with my cereal I use wine and then also instead of my cereal I use wine.

Funny Confession Ecard: Instead of milk with my cereal I use wine and then also instead of my cereal I use wine.

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Funny eCards Photo Gallery #1

No officer, my speech isn't slurred. I'm just talking in cursive. :) Talking in CURSIVE!