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Misha Collins. I LOVE his hair right he had it when he first joined the show. Ahhh I just wanna play with it! xD

Misha Collins - supernatural Photo

Misha Collins just sent me this and asked to be my valentine! :)♥

Misha Collins on Twitter

I had that experience this morning when I got dressed... I'm full of all these feels that I just can't handle

Misha Collins - Supernatural. Its called cosplaying :P Jk we love you.

Misha Collins on Twitter [HE FOUND ONE. The plan was a success! O: ]

Misha Collins. Oh, yes. The brilliant mind behind GISHWHES and Random Acts - not to mention he is Castiel.

Misha Collins | Who doesn't love a man with a sense of humor

Mis Collins... Haha I wonder when this photo was taken. Hahah