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THIS LINK IS IMPORTANT! ***DO SOMETHING WITH IT*************************Easy Home DIY And Crafts: DIY Skirt Sewing 101

How to Draft and Sew a Skirt

How to Sew a Skirt - how to draft a pattern for yourself and sew any kind of skirt - Melly Sews

Learn to Sew with Crazy Little Projects

Learn to Sew Online in 7 Easy Steps (with Crazy Little Projects) Wow! Join this page and learn how to sew in different lessons. Project lessons start January This is awesome.

Cool Crafts You Can Make With Fabric Scraps - Creative DIY Sewing Projects and Things to Do With Leftover Fabric and Even Old Clothes That Are Too Small - Ideas, Tutorials and Patterns http://diyjoy.com/diy-crafts-leftover-fabric-scraps

49 Crafty Ideas for Leftover Fabric Scraps

“People always think they are having problems with their tension. It’s hardly ever the tension! Always remember T-N-T. Thread, needle, tension.  T-N-T    When you’re having machine problems, first check the thread. Rethread top and bottom or change the brand or weight of thread. Next check the needle. Put in a fresh needle. If neither of these work, then it might be your tension.”

Little Things Make a Big Difference: A few easy tips every sewer should know TNT Thread, needle then tension.

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30 Things to Sew in Under 30 Minutes

Seven essential sewing skills

Seven Essential Sewing Skills

How to make Professional Lined Curtain Panels

How to make cheap awesome professional curtains @ House of Hepworths - has links to faux pinch pleat detail, a DIY curtain rod, and supply sources.

Interfacing info - well written and well explained. I've been so intimidated about this because I know nothing of it but I know I need it in some projects! Sew Sweetness: All About Bag Interfacing

Interfacing info - the pic is kind of weird. But previous pinner said its well written and I've been looking for a interfacing tutorial. Sew Sweetness: All About Bag Interfacing

How to Sew a Ruffle - Four different Ways!!

How to Sew a Ruffle (Multiple Methods

Photo: Learn find out how to sew a ruffle Categories: DIY & Crafts Added: Tags: Learn,how,sew,ruffle, Resolutions: Description: This photograph is about Learn easy methods to sew a ruffle Got opinions?