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  • Lori Nieves


  • the Talon

    infographics: it would be really cool to make a map like this and put peoples name next to which way they go on the tree. social media, sports questions, drama or anything

  • Marquita Milliken

    "Should I Check E-Mail?" flow chart by Wendy Macnaughton. (Survey says... "Don't check." Cool. I'm going offline to see what this Outside thing I keep hearing about is...)

  • arleigh

    should I check email? infographic by wendy macnaughton

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez

    Should I Check E Mail?

  • Danielle Whelan

    #SocialMedia humour....

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This is so stinking funny. I thought I was the only one!

I so totally need this shirt haha I'm such a loner:(

I seriously LOL reading this. Poor Comic Sans gets no respect. Such a happy little font too!

Nobody can embarrass you like your children can. Funny!

When rappers don't know what the hell they're taking about...

Such a nice thought, but I giggled at @Elise Peterson's response "Okay." Made me smile. :)

hopefully my last time. unfortunately i'm already on the last one, and i still have a quiz and a final.

Don't lie to yourself; you know you get super excited when you actually get a handwritten letter in the mail.

The Weiner Flowchart. Simple and precise. Going to print and give to J when he's old enough.