Nothing rhymes with orange? False. Nothing and orange do not rhyme.

The Office

So I just started watching the office...a few weeks ago. It's funny stuff.

Oh Dwight, how right you are.


Would an idiot do that?

Battlestar Galactica.

LOL! Dwight Schrute Quotes - The Office

So true!!

This is from Bill Cosby Himself - his stand up. Good clean, honest & SO true. It's hilarious because you can relate to it all.

Michael Scott.

Jim and Dwight

One of Jim's best pranks on Dwight. It's funnier every time you watch it! This is the best


i feel good from my head tomatoes - Scarecrow Why is this so funny?!? HAHAHAHA

Dwight, the Office!

I give up. Not just two men. Two HOT men. ^My life

so very true


Is it just me or is Andy Samberg sexier than that stranger above him? Lol

haha true