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    • Val Pint

      I'm afraid I might be a crazy cat lady some day!

    • cam df

      Nothing makes me happier than my kitty cats!

    • Mireille

      cutest baby kittens

    • Divine Munguia

      My Bucket List: Own a cat. Check! My adopted cat Elen (Elenriel; because I'm a Tolkien Geek). Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☑ #someday #bucket #list #bucketlist

    • salchu i

      Inspiring picture animal, animals, baby, cat, cats, cute. Resolution: 500x332 px. Find the picture to your taste!

    • Violet Bienek

      Top 30 most cutest baby cat pictures | Cutest Cats

    • Destiny Belanger

      Check✔ omg I have 2 kittens exactly like the black and gray ones

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    Have had: 5 cats, 1 horse, 43543543 fish, 2 mice, 2 rats, 1 tarantula, 1 salamander, 1 turtle, 1 snake (Robert's), 2 frogs (Frank's), 1 gecko (Frank's), various hermit crabs, and lizards I caught as a kid. Have now: 3 cats, 2 rats

    Already have, but I guess when I live in my own home lol Bucket List

    CHECK!! There are so many that need good homes.

    Done it. Hm... how many in a lifetime? How many at one time? We have three at the moment, but Loki is a tuxedo cat. Midnight and Furball are the Halloween cats.

    We called her SheDevil because she was solid white except for 2 light grey marks on her crown - her devil horns. She was the the most beautiful cat we ever had, and the least demanding.

    Already did the Vancouver B.C. and Whistler thing. Must do a real Canada road trip and see Toronto, Calgary, Montreal - so many Canadian cities to visit!

    Don't know if I will ever know that I accomplished this....BUT I can hope my daughter will tell me someday♥

    crap, just realized I did this already (Australia: multiple small trips, 2005). but I want to do this again.

    Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit