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    When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen & the Martial Arts. What does a religion known for teaching non-violence have to do with martial arts disciplines designed to cripple or kill? A great deal, it turns out.

    Bruce and Brandon's Gravesite - 2012

    Very Wise Man

    #Empty #Hands #Shorei-Ryu

    Dan Inosanto...awesome Martial force that is beyond legend and has done countless things for the martial arts community....I so look up to this magnificent man. Never got a chance to meet or study under him but this pin has a link to one of his schools here where I live so I am keeping fingers and toes crossed to meet him hee hee:)

    Coolness a picture of Michael Jai White receiving his Nidan Rank. Awesome!

    Michael Jai White..incredible martial force onscreen and off.

    Awesome Hapkido!

    Hapkido...awesome style! Truly amazing!



    Zara Phythian...coolness!



    Nice kick. It pleases me that more women and girls are involved in the martial arts nowadays and are aware that they can be feminine and strong at the same time. I used to hate when they said that I was a " tomboy" because I practiced. Glad times have changed!


    Tony Jaa.....super awesome! Beautiful martial warrior onscreen and off!


    Shinto Monks practicing martial arts....beautiful!

    Bushido: The Way of the Samurai (Square One Classics)

    ★Awesome Product★ too bad I wasn't born yet!

    Brandon Lee...I want to cry I missed out on alot of this man due to the fact that I was a small child. awesome martial force truly the shadow of his father who I also missed out on. Fortunately they're documented and I can enjoy them that way. But I miss him even though my enjoyment of this extraordinary individual was limited!

    Emma Elmes...I love this picture for so many reasons but mainly it touches me!

    Emma Elmes....damn amazing! Being gorgeous doen't hurt...but her kicks will hahaha!!!