deodorize shoes with vodka

21 uses for vodka!

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Febreze is great for keeping your home smelling nice but it is certainly not cheap. Aside from the cost, some air fresheners contain chemicals that you certainly do not want your family being around and certain brands can be harmful to pets. This DIY Febreze is from Life. Family. Love and is a...

Pour some baking soda into a coffee filter, wrap it up with a rubber band and stick it into smelly athletic shoes to absorb the stench. Keep ribbons (or even shoelaces) from fraying by painting the ends with clear nail polish.

Downy Unstoppables in wax smells like fresh laundry! Best thing ever

Great recipe for making "ghetto" febreze. LOL

1 c vinegar + 1 c hot water + 10 min microwave = steam clean! Totally works. No more scum, no funky smells.

Perfect for Oregon wet then dry weather!!! Gonna try this on the yard work shoes.

soak old paintbrush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and good as new!

How To Make Your Own Stinky Pinky’s (shoe de-stinkers!) an old pair of nylons/pantyhose/tights (even an old sock would do) baking soda essential oil (optional) some string or twine

home made cleaners--without all the chemicals

Use a rubber band for a stripped screw.

Tape a laundry bag to the inside of your tumble dryer door for easy drying of sports shoes

cure smelly feet. I need this for my kids sandals!

How To Use Castile Soap to replace 15 Household Products (...really versatile stuff, just what I was looking for!)

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Get Rid Of---Ants, Ants, Ants from This is a miracle recipe for getting rid of those pesty ants that come every spring and summer. Mix up the solution, pack cotton balls in a jar cover, and put the solution on and they will be gone.

Borax: roaches waterbugs & ants away, keeps mice out, rid of bed bugs,kills fleas,scrubbing pans,stubborn stains,removes rust,all purpose cleaner...etc