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The translucent Pelagic Octopus

Cool coconut octopus: Look no further than the floors of the western Pacific Ocean to find this stunning cephalopod in action, which is known for displaying atypical behavior for sea creatures, including walking the ocean floor on two legs.

Neon pink jellyfish

The Spanish Dancer Jellyfish


Cirrate octopod - or Dumbo Octopus

Blue ring octopus - one of the most deadliest creatures on the planet! If you're bitten, you're dead in a few minutes!

Blaschka jellyfish

Purple octopus, almost translucent. Beautiful.

Decorative Tortoise Octopus

deep sea nightmare !

Underwater Species finalist Little squid by Fabien Michenet (France)

spotted sting rays

Seahorse skeleton

Octopus hiding in a dark crevice.

I will call him squishy and he will be my squishy. Thanks Julia its adorable!! ---Tiny Baby Octopus

This is called the Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider (Poecilotheria metallica) and even its name is all fancy. They're insanely rare, too, only being found in a single location which is severely fragmented. The extent of occurrence is less than 100 km2. Habitat: Southeastern India and Sri Lanka Status: Critically Endangered

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*Jelly Fish (Rhizostoma pulmo)

Octopus vulgaris by Joachim S. Müeller via http://noamsbianca.tumblr.com/post/102057177268/10bullets-octopus-vulgaris-by-joachim-s

Lizard Island octopus