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    Cozy mornings.

    Don't change who you are for anyone not even the most important person in your life


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    Zodiac Pisces Facts — When Pisces is in love, they have the biggest sense of humor and are always being goofy/silly with their partner….they are hilarious.

    ...and my sorority sisters would tease me because I would take naps in college :) ...

    We see the good. #Pisces ~when it comes to some...this is a SERIOUS character flaw, but for most it's one of the best character traits that we offer.

    So dead on! I constantly struggle with this! I want to be free..I don't want to settle down. And yet I want to love & be loved forever.


    So true.


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    Fun facts about your sign here

    I care more about you remembering my birthday than you randomly buying me a Porsche.

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    Personality Types And Love: Who’s Your Soulmate Funny,

    Gemini Rising & Relationships!!! Yes!!! ESP the irritation part

    This town will always be too small for all the dreams held inside my head. I'm sorry but I cannot stay.

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    When I fall, I fall hard. The fear of falling always makes me scared to jump. I realize now that sometimes a leaping in spite of fear could be the best thing.

    Yes. Bam. Boom. BINGO! I wish people would realize this.

    Fun facts about your sign here

    A Pisces may be quick to cry, but they can go ice cold just as fast if they sense you're not worth their tears.

    When a Pisces is tired of all the bullshit, they speak sarcasm fluently.