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    Inuit made kid's caribou parka by Elijah Takkiruq

    Inuit Parka

    Inuit jacket

    Inuit Parka

    Awesome Inuit Parka

    This is a Inuit womans parka (anarak) used for warmth. Made from summer Caribou. The hair is shorter and tighter knit for summer Caribou. This has been a traditional style for centuries. by Leobudv, early 1900's

    Inuit culture


    Inuit boy w/ parka, fur pants & kamiks

    Inuit amauti or tuilli (woman’s parka) ca. 1890–1925 Iqluligaarjuk (Chesterfield Inlet), Nunavut, Canada Parka: caribou skin, glass beads, stroud cloth, caribou teeth, and metal pendants; needlecase: ivory, seal hide; carrying strap with toggles: caribou hide, ivory

    Four Inuit girls in fur parkas Title: Four Inuit girls in winter clothing, Nome (?), Alaska. Date: [ca. 1903-1915]

    Inuit child, Alaska

    Inuit made girl's parka via Emily Joanasie

    inuit woman from nowadluk, alaska

    1910-1914 Inuit (First Nations) Boy's parka and pants at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto - From the curators' comments: "The Inuit seamstress has used the natural colouring and patterns of the ringed sealskin to pleasing effect. The front and back sections of the parka are each made of one skin. The dark colouring of the seal's back forms the parka's front and back sections which fade to the lighter stomach colouring on the sides."

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    Inuit mother and baby in fur parka c.1903-1915 canada

    Inuit made girl's parka by Naomi Wilman

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    Inuit made women's parka by Karyn Amitnak