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Prepared LDS Family: VERY extensive blog on how to build your food storage and your emergency prep essentials. Things are broken down into WEEKS or MONTHS. Very useful site!

How to Build a Badass Hidden Root Cellar / Storm Shelter. A root cellar is a great place to store your food and root vegetables. Easy and cheap to build.

You are out of excuses! This plan is THE fastest, cheapest and easiest way to start a food storage program. You are done in a weekend. AND there are no hassles with rotating. Pack it and forget. It’s space efficient – everything is consolidated into a few 5-gallon buckets. You’ll sleep content in knowing that … … Continue reading →

Your Own Home Storefrom Your Own Home Store

10 ways to prepare for FREE

Food Storage and Emergency prep can be expensive! However, there are many things that you can do to prepare for little or NO cost. I LOVE this site! She even has recipes for 100 shelf stable meals!


25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects

title says it all.


Food Storage Made Easy Binder Review

Food Storage

!! "You can wax cheese and make it a food storage item, lasting up to 25 years" Latter-Day Chatter: Project Noah-Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness

Food Storage Made Easyfrom Food Storage Made Easy

50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency -- 50 great tips submitted by our readers to help you with last minute disaster preparations. Print this out right now!

The Survival Momfrom The Survival Mom

Can you prep too much? - Survival Mom

Can you prep too much? Such a great blog entry to keep your head on straight when prepping for emergencies. Love it!


13 Pioneer Skills You May Need

13 Pioneer Skills You May Need. I doubt I'll ever get on a horse, but no matter why you prep or what you believe, it's just common sense to know how to do most of them.