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Menu - my easy technique for weeknight dinner requires NO recipes or measuring so cooking is FUN and creative. No more wondering 'what's for dinner tonight?'

How about a unique Christmas gift certificate for busy professionals? A crash course in wok cooking that shows cooking can be creative and fun without recipes or measuring! I can customize your certificate AND I just scored TWO BEAUTIFUL venues in Miami Design District to host me for 2014!

Ready to be a Wok Star? Special deal: 2 for 1 for my Tues. 5/17, 6:30-9pm cooking class! Easy, delish wok creations for busy weeknights! No recipes or measuring required! Sign up here...

A friend is hosting a free wok cooking class live on a Google+ Hangout. Should be fun!

Make Dad a Wok Star For Father's Day with my fun cooking class, paired with wines from 3 regions in Italy! Crash course that gives Dad all he needs to know!

This class is for Parents + Kids cause Kids can be Wok Stars too! Kids love stir frying crunchy veggies & eat them too! Family time, yummy results and kids EAT! Spread the word 10/10 at Cooking with Kids in Miami Shores!

Casa Vinicola Zonin host Art of Wok Cooking Class with wines at their spectacular Miami penthouse loft! This collaboration demonstrates how well Italian wines transcend into any cuisine. So, pairing wines with Asian cuisine was a perfect challenge to showcase three different wine growing regions in Italy. Wok and Wine, umm...