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sloth - my new favorite animal. I love it's expression. It looks like a happy animal.

ahhh! i want a sloth to hold onto me so badly. i dont know why, but i do. i would die a happy girl if this happened.

Baby sloth! Baby sloth yawning... can I hug it? Please? I'll give it back, I promise.

Sloth--I don't where this photo was taken but I've seen them in Panama and it's smiling so I'm adding it.

Meet The Woman Who Lives With 200 Sloths - this is one of her housemates.

sloth, I absolutely love them! I had the pleasure of seeing 6 in the wild in Costa Rica!

I may be a bit slow, but I've got my towel, and I'm ready to brace myself for some Vogon poetry. Oh, and the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, is 42. Google and Douglas Adams say so.

sloth, life is a miracle help NinaOhman to save here life,n my cat is an ET. www.ninaohmanarts...