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that moment when you need to adjust your sleeping position but feel bad becuase your pet is asleep on you. / Confession Ecard / (someecards,dog,sleep) YEP do this with evie all the time

Good Luck

If you want the best seat in the house you’ll have to move the DOG wood sign - Any Other Business Cat

Dangerous Foods for Dogs *Need to remember this when feeding your dog holiday leftovers!

The worlds most dangerous foods for dogs. If your dog eats a dangerous food, call your vet immediately

Must do...Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome! Totally doing this

Custom Stuffed Dogs - Send a picture of your dog, they'll make you a stuffed one and the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome!

Why Everyone's Barking About BarkBox

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Hahaha that's every night with me and my dog Otis. He's a  dachshund and pug mix.

I sleep with a “spoon” (Wrigley) and a “puzzle”/“leg warmer” (Cubby) all night, every night. I find that I can’t sleep well without them anymore! justtttme: “ My little ones favorites are all of.


9 Things That Happen When You Have Separation Anxiety From Your Pup

Funny Apology Ecard: Sorry, I'd rather stay home and nurse an unhealthy level of attachment to my dog than socialize with people.