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  • Mary Pearce

    Goat 101: How to Tell When Your Goat is in Labor (Or Getting Close!) on The Prairie Homestead at

  • Christie Lewis

    Goats 101 blog post series.

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Our Simple Farm: Goat Health 101 - Internal Parasites #goatvet is accredited for FAMACHA and runs courses

Goat 101: Milking Schedules - 2 WAYS :Once daily or twice daily

never waste milk! - two orphan goats "stealing" some milk from the farmer's milk cow...

Pygmy Goat Doeling by TheBigWRanch12, via Flickr

Breeding a goat is necessary in order to have milk. Here are some tips on goat breeding cycles. It's important to know before you breed a goat that you must

Happy Spring, and tonight, as clocks spring forward, I am glad that at least in Arizona, where we do not change our clocks, the animals on the e-list do NOT lose an hour of networking! Thank you to all those watching over them at night. 3/9/2014

Kidding & Signs Labor- #goatvet says a critical skill to learn esp. if removing kids at birth for CAE, CLA or JD control. This web page has lots of good photos

Have you ever spent any time watching goats? They make me laugh! They make my day! They are so adorably ugly all at once!

Goats. This actually looks like my house back in the day when Stan Brackage (CU film professor) lived here with all his goats.

when i have my own personal hobbithole mud fortress it will be guarded by an elite troupe of tricked-out mountain goats