The detailing of her hair and her clothes is fantastic. Not to mention her eyebrows and eyelashes.


She has such beautiful eyes

Rapunzel close-up face reference

Everyone thinks Tangled is dead but I don't think it will go away, just like every other Disney Princess before. Disney Princesses will continue to come, but true Disney lovers will not let any of them go away.

Esta es tu cara cuando sentís que algo en tu interior se rompió...

gleamandglowing: disney close ups ↳ rapunzel”


Rapunzel can never forget Pascall

Disney Class Yearbook

Disney Class Yearbook Tells You Who’s Who…

Free Disney movies online? Yes please!

little elsa so cute (the previous post said, free disney movies online, so maybe)

jub tak na lage be wafai ki thokar har kisi ko apni mohabbat per naaz hota hai

Name: Summer Rae age: 16 Description: Summer Rae is She goes by Rae. Rae is very emotional. She is cyber bullied. Rae is in Disney Academy.

I just love the look on Rapunzel’s face here!

Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn) Tangled Walt Disney movie animation enchanting fairytale.

(While in purgatory) Rapunzel laid flat on her face and mumbled into the grass "I love her." She mumbled weakly, as she realizes she just admitted to her husband, her Eugene, that she also loved another.

Rapunzel looks so unhappy and broken while hugging Mother Gothel. you can clearly tell that she actually really wants to make her wish come true but is so scared to do so. So instead she just resists the thought of her dream actually coming true

#disney #frozen

Never Letting Go.

Love this~ all behind the scenes Tangled

Interesting facts about 'Tangled' omygosh the one about MarioKart. I love this movie

Rapunzel - big green eyes and short dark hair

What is it like, out there?

What is it like, out there where they glow?

I just love the sassy look she gives. I do that too!!!

Rapunzel & Pascal The Sass