This Easy Mistake Stitch scarf is made with Jade Sapphire's gorgeous 12-ply cashmere in color "Green Tea". If you know how to knit and purl you can make this scarf! Mistake Stitch creates a deep and lofty rib that looks like so much more work than it actually is.  If you're curious about the orange scarf on the right, you can find the complete instructions at this link:  Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf

Free patterns: Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

Challah Infinity Scarf PDF knitting pattern found on

Challah Infinity Scarf PDF Knitting Pattern

Beautiful #knit #scarf for fall.  Free #pattern!

Beautiful knit scarf for fall. I made this scarf using the same yarn and color (Lorna's Lace) and it is truly gorgeous - the picture does not do it justice AND it's a simple pattern and breeze to knit up

Ruggedly Warm Loafers knitting pattern

& Warm Loafers& knitting pattern -- Extra-thick and richly textured, these ribbed slippers will keep the chill of winter floors at bay This e-pattern was originally published in Knit a Dozen Plus Slippers. unisex S through L. Made with super bul.

Maybe try with brown rib white/cream with a red bobble                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Free Hat Knitting Patterns

Free swirl beanie hat pattern, Swirled Ski Cap -- free pattern, in both a kid and adult size.

The Mid-December Easy Knit Infinity Scarf, free pattern by A Crafty House

woolboots' The Mid-December Easy Knit Infinity Scarf II

How To Knit A Scarf With A Comb

How To Scarf Knit With Comb Easy Video Instructions

Did you know you can knit with a comb? Beginning knitting ideas and teaching kids the concepts of beginner knitting with easy DIY knitting projects like belts! Fast and easy knitting without needles

ruffled scarf 1 - knit length-wise, not width-wise. End of ruffle has insanely long, 1000 stitch, row. But can be knit from one skein.

Seven Easy Scarves & Cowls to Knit This Fall

Seven Easy Scarves & Cowls to Knit this Fall. I have made this ruffle scarf. It's fun

Free pattern

Free pattern

Soda Fountain Pattern

Soda Fountain Scarf A sweet and simple scarf pattern with a retro flair that’s sure to please! Knit the ‘Soda Fountain Scarf’ with che.

I made this scarf from Purl Bee.  It is really beautiful.

Whit's Knits: Big Herringbone Cowl - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!