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  • Laura Hawkes

    Mix cookie dough, freeze in ice cube tray, pop out and keep in freezer bag. Then when you want fresh baked cookies, you can bake a few at a time. Of course, I'd have to go buy ice trays! Do they still make those?!

  • Nicole Dow

    Portion Control Trick For Homemade Cookies; by Lisa Cain, PhD, a.k.a Snack-Girl "I put my finished oatmeal raisin cookie dough into an ice cube tray! And, then I froze them and dumped them out into a freezer bag. Now if I want a fresh baked cookie, I heat up my oven, get out a baking sheet, and bake a reasonable number for my family."

  • Pamela Allen

    Freeze cookie dough in an ice cube tray and when frozen, dump them out and put them into a freezer bag. When you want a fresh baked cookie, heat up the oven, get out a baking sheet, and bake what you want. Such a good Idea!

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