Cute but creepy! For us who have yet to have children!

Perfect to pair with my 1st pics! Would need to add dad in the back and put some pants on the kid tho

smile, life is beautiful


Life as I know it.

chicken little... so precious!

The kiss! <3 <3 <3

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I want one so bad!!! <3 <3

Baby seal...The difference of a Seal and a Sea Lion is the EARS. The Seals have inner ears (like holes). Whereas the Sea Lions ears protrude or have outer flaps.

puppies!!! I love this so much <3


The Dream of Dance <3

Jessica Janae Photography//

great photo....


mother and this every year & see how you change...could do with father and son, too. Love this idea


Happiness world-wide!

Baby High Five! by Dan Finnen #Gesture #Baby #High_Five #Dan_Finnen