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  • Cathryn Gessford

    Le Roi Danse- a french film that dipicts the relationship of Italian composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and Louis XIV

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"Le Roi Danse" - A French-language Belgian film about the life and career of Baroque composer Jean-Baptiste Lully. This video is part 1 of 14 (all still on YouTube) and comes with English subtitles. I recommend it for anyone who's interested in the Baroque music; the history of ballet as a dance form; the life in the court of King Louis XIV of France; and the role that music, dance and dramatic arts had in social life and politics.

Fragmento de la película "Le Roi Danse" (El rey está bailando). Se interpreta un fragmento de la ópera "Isis", compuesta por Jean-Baptiste Lully en 1719, con libreto de su colaborador habitual Philippe Quinault. Como la mayoría de las óperas de Lully, se trata de una tragedia lírica.

A scene from the French-language film "Le Roi Danse" showing King Louis XIV's performance as Apollo in the conclusion of Jean-Baptiste Lully's "Le Ballet de la Nuit" in 1653, at the age of 14. This was the beginning of the consolidation of his power after a childhood full of political instability and an aristocratic uprising ("La Fronde"), and he would fully establish himself as the absolute Sun King eight years later.

Jean-Baptiste Lully " Ière Suite Le Bougeois gentilhomme " 1670

Jean-Baptiste Lully

"5 Things You Need To Know About the French Subjunctive" from Talk in French: ' Jean Baptiste Lully was a naturalized French Baroque composer from the 1600s. Did you know that Baroque music has a fantastic effect on your brain cells? It makes you grasp ideas quickly! Super cool, huh.'

Jean-Baptiste Lully - Chaconnes / Passacailles

Jean Baptiste Lully

Jean-Baptiste Lully - Airs pour Madame La Dauphine: Pavane des saisons

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