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Raspberry supports... the established raspberries are a variety called Caroline and they are fantastic even in the Hot KY summers they produce from mid June until frost!

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Introducing: Berry Beds


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Growing Blackberry Plants: How To Grow Blackberries

Growing Blackberry Bushes

RASPBERRY'S TIPS...Pruning is necessary for maintaining a healthy crop & ensuring a good harvest. Don’t skip this one! When to prune depends on type of raspberries you are growing: Summer fruiting varieties: Produces fruit on last year’s new growth so it is important to prune out the old, grayish canes directly after fruiting. Cut old canes right down to the ground. Autumn fruiting: These varieties tend to fruit twice so wait until the late winter or early spring to cut the entire patch…

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Companion Planting

Companion Planting - What Not to Plant Together when Gardening

A great idea to help your garden grow fuller and longer! * Sturdy trellis is ideal for squash, cucumber, melons and other vining crops * Trellising vines increases air circulation to minimize disease problems * Keeps vines and fruits off soil for a cleaner, better harvest

Stone raised flower beds. These would be nice at the curb, allowing entrance to the yard from the street while defining the yard's edge.

Roll down covers, clever. "Garden Elves" Design, pricing, education, start a garden for the same cost as buying organic produce for a year...interesting point.

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Raised-Bed Garden

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