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  • Kalyssa Speth

    30 Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas

  • Elena Tanner

    crayon art!! Crayons fit PERFECTLY into glue guns..the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  • Anna Jasmine

    For a spin on melted crayon art, instead of using a blow dryer try this. Put the crayon into a hot glue gun where you would normally put in a glue stick, heat the crayon, and draw with it. The possibilities are endless!

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crayons fit into glue guns. yes. Melted crayon painting tutorial- Peacock - MORE ART, LESS CRAFT

Different way of doing melted crayon art: Place crayons in a pattern or 'drawing' and then melt for more interesting shapes instead of the usual drip * need to do this with the kids *

Paint an eye onto the canvas and then glue small pieces of crayon underneath it. Melt the crayons with a hair dryer and you'll get an effect like this!

melted crayon art. Jordan tried doing this for a birthday present for me, but it didn't turn out as she had hoped. Now she can try again if she'd like.

Melted Crayon Art. Great way to recycle those crayons and get a great house decor!

Crayon Art ---- rain on a sketch.. love this idea! I'd use different colors~ concept is great.

such a lovely and beautiful project. I'm sure I'll be using that soon.

The crayons are lined up along the edge and melted on a foam board using a heat gun. Specific heat is applied for the desired outcome of several defined drips. There is direct dripping from the crayon pieces that extends through the lower third of the board, with some drips extending all the way to the bottom. Wrappers are left on this piece to emphasized the melting of the crayons.