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    This is my After Baby motivation! Erik Wants to add the half Sleeve, I could compromise on the hip tattoo! SHe is Beautiful...

    Fit and curvy

    Tattoos Fab! Plus size fashion styles ladies. Bbw. Chubby chunky curvy Big and beautiful

    Tummy be baby pouch? cute. when you hear my girls and I talk thats what its about thats what it looks like...thats what so many women are shy about. Embrace it?? hahahahaha

    Curves ; In reality.. we can't all be skinny super models.. but for me, this.. this is realistic. :) She is gorgeous and she looks like a real woman. Not a 12 year old boy.

    I love the bow tattoos because there isn't anything that says girly and sexy at the same time. I like the placement and idea of this photo but would change the actual bows. #want

    This is so beautiful. I love full figure women. Especially in my photography work. PLUS Magazine teamed up with model Katya Zharkova to point out the ridiculously distorted image of women in fashion. WARNING: There's some voluptuous, not-safe-for-workish booty.

    Gorgeous temporary arrows tattoo

    Curves and tattoos.

    plus size model

    I HAD to repin this for all those people that say, "Your tattoos are going to look all wrinkly and ugly when you get old."

    Women With Tattoos

    hot hot hot

    Super beautiful model. (love the underwear too!)

    Idk why pulling her top is necessary lol but I also don't know why I'm always so tempted to get a sleeve!

    Girls should know that they don't need to be a size zero to be beautiful. Healthy and fit beats a size zero any day. ♥